Code Talk February Events

Join us every Monday at 4pm MST for Code Talk – a weekly web development Zoom meetup open to the public! Learn the basics of web development with Ben Turner, software engineer at Fidelity Investments. Check out February's schedule below and make sure to RSVP to each event.

Code Talk #022: VS Code Debugger

Tired of using 'console.log()'? Learn the proper way to troubleshoot and debug node applications with the built-in VS code debugger

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Code Talk #023: Expressions, Values, Operators, and Statements

One of the most difficult parts of learning how to program is translating an idea from your mind into actual code. This becomes much easier if you take the time to understand the fundamental building blocks of the language you are using.

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Code Talk #024: CSS Box Model

Most people either love CSS or hate it. Either way, it's unavoidable as web developers. Learn the fundamentals of CSS so you never have to write more than you have to.

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Code Talk #025: The Art of Abstraction

Most beginner coders write programs that are very literal and deliberate. They work initially, but they become cumbersome very quickly as new features are demanded of it. Take your coding skills to the next level by learning the principles of good code: Extensible, Testable, Portable, Readable, Efficient.

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