Code Talk June Events

We have three exciting Code Talk events this month and we want you to join us!

Code Talk is a weekly web development Zoom meetup open to the public. Learn the basics of web development with Ben Turner, software engineer at Fidelity Investments. Check out June's schedule below and make sure to RSVP to each event.

Monday, June 14th at 4pm MST
#039: Redux and useReducer

Redux is a popular state management library that bootcamp students should be aware of. Join us for a primer on how it works and learn to use it in your own applications.

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Monday, June 21st at 4pm MST
#040: AMA

Ever wanted to pick the brain of a professional software engineer? This is your chance! Just to switch things up a bit, I'm opening the floor to any and all software related questions.

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Monday, June 28th at 4pm MST
#041: RXJS

If you've never heard of the utility library RXJS, you're going to want to check this out! Come learn about one of my favorite JS libraries.

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