Code Talk March Events

We have five Code Talk events this month every Monday at 4pm MST and we want you to join us!  Code Talk is a weekly web development Zoom meetup open to the public! Learn the basics of web development with Ben Turner, software engineer at Fidelity Investments. Check out February's schedule below and make sure to RSVP to each event.

March 1st
#026: Functions Revisited

Since functions are so important, we’re gonna look at them again! If you have ever wondered about the difference between defining and invoking a function, or how scoping works, this is for you!

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March 8th
#027: Intro to Docker

Docker is an amazing tool for containerizing applications. Join to learn how to install, create and run your own docker containers.

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March 15th
#028: Writing Testable Code

Testing is the most important part of writing stable, robust and secure code. This episode explores techniques for writing portable, testable code.

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March 22nd
#029: Node Packages

Ever wanted to create your own node library and publish it to npm? It’s a lot simpler than you think. Join us to learn how!

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March 29th
#030: Creating your own NPM package

Have you ever wondered how create your own reusable node library? Join us for a quick tutorial on how to write, test and publish NPM packages.

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Want to catch up on past episodes? You can!

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