Professional Performance Coaching Series with Courtney Seard

The customized series is designed for V-School, leading dynamic and crucial conversations to impart knowledge and teach practical tools and techniques developing strategies to improve personal and professional development. This will create a shift in mindset and mindfulness, reducing stress, increasing skills and overall performance and happiness. These sessions will create a shift in mindset, mindfulness, and leadership, reducing stress, increasing skills, overall performance and happiness.

Segment One: “Mindset Matters: Focus Day: The Art of Playing the Game to Win”

This segment is designed to create a shift in the focus. To develop compassion and understanding by learning how of the mind processes information, how our focus and the way we communicate with others and ourselves impacts our behavior and interactions. With an understanding of the basics of communication, participants will learn how to use language to their advantage; with tools they can begin use immediately to achieve outcomes and increase results.

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Segment Two: “Mindset Matters: The Mindset of Resilience: Lead From Within”

This segment is designed to inspire, teach self-awareness tools, a simple mindfulness practice, and guided visualization to reduce stress, and providing mental clarity into your daily life. Providing exercises and resources that allow you to let go of outdated expectations and unconscious programs, overcoming your triggers and, allowing you to show up and communicate courageously, with ease.

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Segment Three: “Mindset Matters: SOARING Forward"

This segment teaches the 3-in-1 system that provides everything required to develop a healthy mindset, build new habits, and get more done by learning proven and effective goal setting exercise to gain structure and provide the space to realize untapped potential. Backed by scientific research, this system clarifies focus as you improve your mindset to achieve your short and long-term goals. Learn to use the power of the mind to your advantage, to experience increased happiness and improved results.

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