How to Prepare for a Successful Video Call

With COVID-19 many companies have transitioned into going remote. Which means having meetings and interviews over video. Here are a few tips on how to prepare and have a successful video call.

  • Dress professionally and wear a plain or neutral shirt so that it doesn’t distract or take the focus away from you.
  • Find a place with good lighting.
  • Square up your shoulders and make sure to look directly into the camera. A pro-tip is to adjust your video to have the image of the person you are speaking to right by the camera.
  • Test out the video platform you will be using in advance so you feel comfortable before the call.
  • Turn off all alerts on your phone and find a nice quiet, distraction free place to hold your virtual meeting.
  • Lastly, remember to smile, relax … and be yourself :)

You've got the skillset and the tip above will help express that in a successful interview. Interested in joining V School and receiving lifetime career support? Let's talk.

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