$1M Community Relief Scholarship Fund

V School was built to help people successfully launch a career in tech. The need for a clear, accessible path to an amazing career has never been greater. That’s why V School is making $1M in scholarship funds available to help people who have been affected by the recent health crisis.

About The Community Relief Scholarship

The COVID-19 health crisis is rapidly changing our day-to-day lives. And with so many people now out of work, we needed to find a way to help as many people as possible transition into a career in tech.

In an effort to help displaced workers, we’ve put together $1M in community relief funds to help 170 people re-skill for career in tech by providing $6,000 towards tuition for our web development and UX/UI design online programs.

Asynchronous Curriculum

Skills-based, not time-based

Master each step before moving forward

Full-time instructors & mentorship

Pre-recorded content to reference 24/7

Gain Experience

Have the skills and be able to prove it

Work with a team on real-life projects

Internships for industry experience

Access our hiring partners network

Accept a Job

Launch your career in tech

Lifetime job search & career support

Interview mentorship & preparation

Industry networking

What You'll Learn

Module 1

Intro to Web Development 1

Introductory JavaScript

Introductory HTML

Introductory CSS

Module 2

Intro to Web Development 2

Intermediate JavaScript

Intermediate HTML

Intermediate CSS


Module 3

Intro to React

Introduction to React

ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

Module 4

Intermediate and Advanced React

Intermediate React

Advanced React Patterns

Routing in React

React API Project

Module 5

Servers and Databases





Group Full Stack Project

Module 6

Authentication and Capstones

Token Authentication


Individual Full Stack Project

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You graduate when you land a job.

Re-skill For a Career in Tech 100% Online at Home

It takes more than just a certificate to succeed in the tech industry. It takes real skills, relevant experience, and confidence in your craft. V School will be by your side for you every step of the journey. That's why at V School "graduation" means accepting a great job in industry, not listening to endless hours of lecture.

"It was two weeks before I finished the program at V School that I got the offer at Workfront. It’s amazing having a career that allows me to work from home. There has never been a time where this type of flexibility has been more important."

Ani | Web Development Grad

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Mar 9th, 2021