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Next session begins February 4th!

Pledging to support veterans with access to tech skills that create BETTER outcomes

Learn Full Stack JS or Experience Design on your GI benefits with zero experience.  Our growing community of veteran alumni who have begun successful, high-paying careers now make up over 30% of our digital family. Their stories and insights into the journey from service to civilian life have inspired us to be as supported to the veteran groups as possible. V School is proud to offer full access to veteran alumni Slack groups + veteran mentors uniquely suited to help you as needed as you start a new path and life in technology.

What you get

_ Strong veteran alumni community

_ 1:1 course mentorship

_ Local housing options available

_ Lifetime career support

Next steps?

_ Let us get to know you – schedule a time to talk with us!

_ Choose a code or design

_ Begin GI Bill® paperwork

_ Submit pre-course work

Step 1 - Let's connect!

"Conquered my fear of speaking at Adobe's Tech Summit... I was lucky enough."
- Alli Shaw
"I started my journey in the tech industry with no experience at all. After graduating from V School my first tech interview happened to be with a fellow veteran who gave me a shot. One year later the discipline and work ethic I learned in the military, combined with the tech skills that V School taught me, earned me two promotions and job I love."
- SGT Kacie Jacobson

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