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Free Intro to Tech Course

Kiln has partnered with V School to provide the community a series of free introductory technology courses. These courses are built to help you prepare for a future career in tech by giving you a taste of what each career track entails.

Web Development | UX/UI Design

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Course Series Info

What you get when you sign up for your free course

Intro-to-Tech Slack Workspace

Join our private slack workspace to get access to our Intro-to-Tech community where you will work with other students who will be learning alongside you.

Industry Approved Curriculum

We work directly with industry-leading tech companies to ensure that our curriculum is relevant to the tech industry’s current skills and employment needs.

Mentor and Event Access

One of V School’s Pillars is “Never Learn Alone.” Get direct access and ask questions to instructors and mentors as you work through the program.

Course Series Career Paths

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Intro to Web Development

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Intro to UX/UI Design

Start Your Journey Towards a Future Career in Tech

Partnership Details

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At the intersection of work and lifestyle, Kiln provides amenities that support its members holistically, including an on-site theater, refresh rooms, deep workrooms, a parenting room, a café, a podcast studio, walking and biking desks along with a variety of events and programming.

V School provides online web development and UX/UI design programs that will guide you into a career in tech. You will earn every step forward and truly master each lesson so you have the skills and experience to land your dream job.