Slug Jumper Scholarship
VS + Slug Magazine
High Five
To Offer A
Full-ride Scholarship In
Experience Design Course
Starting Oct. 16th.
Have great design aesthetic, but need the technical skills to become a designer?

There are tons of unfilled design jobs in Utah. We’re expanding our digital family by teaching aspiring designers in Downtown Salt Lake City.

As part of our commitment to increase access to #techlife, our partnership with Slug helps to continue that promise. Jump! + Land a full-ride scholarship to our industry vetted Experience Design (XD) course starting October 16.

Slug Jumper Scholarship Details:

100% tuition costs covered
A spot in our free student housing #dtslc
Macbook rental on us
Greenbike share access
24 hr co-working space access at Impact Hub Salt Lake City
Mentoring from all XD curriculum designers

Why ‘XD’ and not ‘UX’?

Our XD course is at the crossroads of UI, UX + design management. What was previously a part-time offering is not enough for the growing industry demands for UX Designers, so we decided to partner with the most rootsy + longstanding cultural magazine we could think of <Slug> and extend a full-ride scholarship to the Utah community as we launch our full-time course.

Apply if you check two or more of these boxes:
  • I want to start a life in tech
  • I have some knowledge of design
  • I already work in tech and want to learn design
  • I like pizza
  • I’m not much of a designer, but I want to learn

Let’s chat

Close - October 9th
Announcement - October 11th
Celebration - October 15th
Course Start - October 16th