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Master Cybersecurity

V School’s Cybersecurity program goes beyond theory. You’ll gain hands-on experience through real-world projects, preparing you for a rewarding career safeguarding the information that drives our world.

Up to 21 weeks
Scholarships Available
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Built-In Certifications at V School

V School removes the roadblocks and accelerates your journey to a rewarding cybersecurity career. Our program integrates preparation for, and the cost of taking, three essential cybersecurity certifications directly into your curriculum:

Master the fundamentals of IT hardware, software, and troubleshooting – the critical first step for any cybersecurity professional. Take the exam within the program to validate your core IT skills and launch your cybersecurity path.

Deepen your understanding of network infrastructure, implementation, and security through hands-on learning. Be prepared to take the Network+ exam during the program itself, equipping you for in-demand network administration roles.

Gain the skills to identify and combat cyber threats. Earning this globally-recognized credential validates your proficiency in protecting information systems. Take the Security+ exam as part of the program, graduating as a highly competitive candidate in the cybersecurity job market.

CompTIA Integration

V School prioritizes real-world relevance. Our partnership with CompTIA, a leading cybersecurity certification authority, ensures you:

  • Gain access to a comprehensive library of industry-standard resources.
  • Prepare for globally-recognized certifications, enhancing your resume and career prospects.
  • Benefit from instructors with deep industry knowledge and access to student performance data, allowing for personalized guidance and support.

True Stories of our Students

Tracy Lee

I love V School! It gave me a roadmap to my next career with amazing support along the way. Vschool has not only taught me a new skill, UX/UI, but they have taught me how to be a better leader, time manager and communicator. They also take the GI Bill, which really helps!

Enterprise, AL

Seany P

Wouldn’t be at my current job without V School. They take really good care of their veteran students and the networking with all the talent is probably the best perk of being a student. Highly recommend to my fellow veterans or anyone who wants to get into tech or upgrade their skill sets.

Salt Lake City, UT


Avid promoter of all things V School. I spent a decade in Pest Control and wasn’t sure I could break into tech. Since then I’ve gone from a $32k income to a lovely 6 figure income. V School helped me change my life.


Marco Sierra

I learned the basics of web development as well as advanced coding with React and was able to get certified through vschool using the knowledge I’ve gained here I have also started developing for the Android platform this an excellent school and I would 100% recommend it.

Matthew Beers

V School offers curriculum . That cover programs in Cyber Security, UX/UI design, and Software Engineering. With proof that alumni are using the skills learned in news fields of work. The staff is educated easy to reach and motivating .

Wake Forest, NC

Natalie Lawrence

The V School Experience Design program I completed revolutionized my career and UX approach. With unparalleled support and curriculum, I gained practical insights which I use daily in my career. The program allowed me to integrate its principles into my work and collaboration. Highly recommend.

Clearfield, UT

McKay Burnett

I was very impressed with the level of support I received from VSchool. I really felt like everyone was out to help me succeed. The education they offer is top notch and I know it will aid me in finding a successful career!

Los Angeles, CA

Cybersecurity Curriculum

Starting a new career in tech isn’t easy, but if you’re hungry for a change and willing to get to work, V School is the place for you.

/Level 1

Foundational Skills: Unveiling the Digital World

/Level 2

Building Your Network Expertise

/Level 3

Network Administration Mastery

/Level 4

Solidifying Your Network Expertise

/Level 5

Unmasking Cyber Threats

/Level 6

Mastering Enterprise Security

/Level 1

Foundational Skills: Unveiling the Digital World

This module lays the groundwork for your cybersecurity journey. We’ll explore technology’s evolution, delve into computer components (hardware, software, OS), and unpack networking basics with the OSI model. You’ll also be introduced to the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, its threats and vulnerabilities, and the rewarding career paths available.

  • The History of Technology
  • Basics of hardware, Software and OS
  • Networking Basics and the OSI Model
  • Intro to the Cybersecurity Landscape
  • Cybersecurity career paths
/Level 2

Building Your Network Expertise

This section equips you with the skills to navigate modern network environments. Prepare for the industry-standard COMPTIA A+ Core 1 certification, then delve into securing and troubleshooting applications crucial for remote work. We’ll explore the evolution of core technologies and multiple operating systems, ensuring you adapt to the ever-changing nature of cybersecurity.

  • SaaS Applications for Remote work
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Changing Core Technologies
  • Understanding Multiple OS
  • The Changing Nature of Cybersecurity
/Level 3

Network Administration Mastery

This module transforms you into a network architect. Master LAN/WLAN configuration, segmentation tactics (VLANs & subnetting), network mapping, troubleshooting & monitoring, and network devices (switches, routers, telecom). Become an expert in the infrastructure that keeps our digital world connected.

  • Network Configuration – LAN, WLAN
  • Segmentations, VLAN and Subnetting
  • Network Mapping Tools
  • Troubleshooting & Monitoring Networks
  • Network Devices – Switches, Routers
  • Telecommunication
/Level 4

Solidifying Your Network Expertise

Building on your foundation, this section prepares you for the COMPTIA Net+ certification. Dive deeper into networking fundamentals, implementations, operations, and security. Refine your troubleshooting skills to become a confident network specialist.

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Networking Implementations
  • Network Operations
  • Network Security
  • Network Troubleshooting
/Level 5

Unmasking Cyber Threats

This module equips you to combat cyber threats. Learn the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, identify various malware types, understand social engineering tactics, and analyze vulnerabilities, risks, and exploits. Master the skills to detect and analyze cyberattacks, including forensics techniques used to investigate incidents.

  • NIST Framework
  • Malware Types
  • Social Engineering
  • Vulnerabilities, Risks and Exploits
  • Detection and Analysis of Cyber-Attacks
  • Forensics
/Level 6

Mastering Enterprise Security

The final leg of your journey focuses on securing complex environments. Prepare for the COMPTIA Security+ certification by learning to assess enterprise security, manage hybrid environments, operate with legal awareness, and effectively identify, analyze, and respond to security incidents. This ensures you’re well-equipped to safeguard critical information systems in the real world.

  • Assessing Enterprise Security
  • Monitor & Secure Hybrid Environments
  • Operate with Legal Awareness
  • Identify, Analyze, and Respond to Security
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V School's Flipped Classroom & Mastery-Based Learning Model

Proven curriculum and Technical Mentors ensure you progress confidently. We’ll help you create a personalized learning plan that aligns with your goals and timeframe. You’ll receive ongoing support, expert guidance, and clear milestones to keep you motivated.


Structured Support for Your Journey

Our proven curriculum and Technical Mentors ensure you progress confidently. We’ll help you create a personalized learning plan that aligns with your goals and timeframe. You’ll receive ongoing support, expert guidance, and clear milestones to keep you motivated.

From Coursework to Career

Confidently navigate the job search with the support of expert resources, personalized guidance from Student Success Mentors, and a network of connections. Land your dream tech career thanks to the comprehensive skills, knowledge, and confidence you gained at V School.

Investing in Your Future

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04 Military Benefits

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