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Learn to code and launch a meaningful career with our full stack JavaScript web development program.


Handcrafted To Meet The Needs Of The Industry

Our full stack JavaScript program has been handcrafted to provide you real-world experience. We've worked with leaders across the globe to ensure that our curriculum is up-to-date and in line with the current and future needs of the industry.

Level 1

Intro to Web Development 1

Introductory JavaScript

Introductory HTML

Introductory CSS

Level 2

Intro to Web Development 2

Intermediate JavaScript

Intermediate HTML

Intermediate CSS


Level 3

Intro to React

Introduction to React

ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

Level 4

Intermediate and Advanced React

Intermediate React

Advanced React Patterns

Routing in React

React API Project

Level 5

Servers and Databases





Group Full Stack Project

Level 6

Authentication and Capstones

Token Authentication


Individual Full Stack Project

Always Industry First

Our advisory board and teaching staff are loaded with experienced designers dedicated to preparing you in every way possible for your big leap into tech.

Human-Centered Humans

We make sure that every pixel on every screen is backed by a real human with a real problem. You'll learn how to keep people in your products.

Learn, Practice, Repeat

Our approach to teaching has always been rooted in reality. This makes it easy to learn to solve complex problems and gain experience right from the classroom.

Our Grads Work With Some of the Best Companies in the World

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"Graduated from [V School] and got a job offer after a month. I couldn't be more grateful to this school for helping me achieve that."

Duc P. | Development Grad

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An Income Share Agreement (or I.S.A.) means that we're investing in your future. Start on the path to your new career today and don't worry about paying until you've finished your program and get hired.

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Jun 15th, 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the program?

Our application process includes an aptitude test and an evaluation with our pre-course ("Module 0") instructor. In order to best prepare you for the course, you will be asked to complete some pre-course work and a small project before being accepted into V School.

How long is the program?

The development course is designed to take approximately 6-12 months from skill-building to landing a job. With our new Responsive Learning system, our focus is less on how many weeks it takes you to complete the curriculum and more on ensuring you leave with the strong foundation and skills that you came here to get.

What will I learn?

Where some curricula will jump immediately into frameworks like React, we've made it a point to focus on building a solid foundation of the universal basics of web development (HTML, CSS, and pure JavaScript) and problem solving first. Then, you'll dive in to one of the top JavaScript frameworks out today - React. React is one of the most hirable skills to date, and although frameworks are changing all the time, React's backing by tech giant Facebook makes it a sure bet for the foreseeable future. Finally, you'll round out your education with an introduction to back end programming - building servers and APIs, saving data to databases, and user authentication.

What kind of job can I get when I finish the program?

V School alumni have created careers working as developers and engineers with industry leaders like Adobe, Google, Podium, MX, Workfront, and more. Although you'll be learning web development at V School, our alumni have gotten jobs as QA engineers, mobile developers, dev ops engineers, and other development-related fields. V School's focus on building a strong foundation and problem solving skills gives our alumni an open world of possibilities when the time for job hunting comes.