Building Women Up

Women advance innovation, increase impact and revenue – and we need more of that. Join us in sharing scholarship opportunities and attend our virtual events feature leading women in tech all month long.

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Women in Tech Scholarships

Two full-tuition scholarships to learn to code to design online

V School Scholarship Partners

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Tech Needs the Creativity and Innovation of Women

We've partnered with RizeNext Tech-Moms to provide two full-tuition paid scholarships specifically to help women launch careers in the tech industry. The first scholarship is available for V School's web development or UX/UI design online programs. The second scholarship is for TechMoms technology programs.

Apply by April 30, 2021 to be considered

Partner Highlight

RizeNext Tech-Moms is an organization committed to creating skilled diverse talent pipelines through community programs, custom corporate consulting and leadership development training.

Building Women Up

Virtual Women’s Conference Series


Sara Jones photo

7:00 PM (UTC)

W/ Sara Jones

How Women Rise



Stephanie Stettler photo

7:00 PM (UTC)

W/ Stephanie Stettler

Leadership & Founding a Business



Trina Limpert Photo

6:00 PM (UTC)

W/ Trina Limpert

Women in the Tech Industry



Tara Spalding photo

6:00 PM (UTC)

W/ Tara Spalding

Entrepreneurship & Business Resources



Sarah Vaughn photo

5:00 PM (UTC)

W/ Sarah Vaughn

Finding Your Voice & Building Your Community



Robyn Cohen photo

6:00 PM (UTC)

W/ Robyn Cohen

The Power of Networking & Building Relationships



Tessa White photo

7:00 PM (UTC)

W/ Tessa White

The Lies That Got You Here: How to Reframe and Reclaim Your Workplace Satisfaction


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Meet the women that launched their career at V School

Guiding Women to future careers in tech
Jessie James photo
I wanted to understand tech so I chose to learn how to code at V School. Now as a fresh graduate, there is momentum needed to sustain career opportunities, and they gave me just that.
Jessie James

VS Alumni

Lizadel Yarisantos photo
V School provided me a full-ride scholarship and it has allowed me to lengthen my time in my home so I can finish the program around my schedule and not lose my skills right after I graduate. They are truly helping me launch my career into tech.
Del Yarisantos

You Belong in Tech Scholarship Winner