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Military Family Scholarship

Start a new chapter with the Military Family Scholarship! This special scholarship offers $4,000 towards tuition at V School for members of military families. We understand the unique challenges you face and want to support your journey into the tech world. This scholarship is here to help you build a successful career in tech!


A Curriculum Designed for Real-World Readiness

Our programs are designed for mastery. You progress through the curriculum by demonstrating expertise at each level, ensuring a thorough understanding before advancing. This approach not only deepens your learning but also effectively prepares you for your first job in the industry.


Skills Stage

You pass each level of the program by demonstrating knowledge and skill, not by completing a certain number of hours in class.


Experience Stage

It’s not enough to just have skills, you have to demonstrate those skills to the industry. Expect to gain industry experience so you can build a portfolio that represents you as the best candidate for a job in tech.


Career Stage

We support you every step of the way, from crafting a standout resume to offering insightful interview advice, and connecting you with the right industry contacts. Our commitment extends beyond just training; we’re here to guide you until you land your first job in the industry.

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Receive $4,000 scholarship on any of our Career Changer programs, including Web Development, UI/UX Design and Cybersecurity. This offer comes with lifetime career support and free curriculum updates, keeping you ahead in your professional journey.

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Our Grads Work With Some of the Best Companies in the World

I started my journey with no experience at all. After graduating from V School my first tech interview happened to be with a fellow veteran who gave me a shot. One year later the discipline and work ethic I learned in the military, combined with the skills that V School taught me earned me two promotions and a new career that I love.
SGT Kacie J.
//VS Alumni / Veteran