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We have a vast network that we connect you with to ensure that you land your first industry job after completing V School. You will work with a career success mentor to build a portfolio, meet industry leaders, and set up job interviews.

Mastering a Skill is More Important Than Time in a Class

Our programs are mastery-based, meaning that you move forward through the curriculum once you have mastered each level, regardless of how long it takes, and effectively guide you from class to landing your first industry job. 

Stage 1

Skills Stage

You pass each level of the program by demonstrating knowledge and skill, not by completing a certain number of hours in class.

Stage 2

Experience Stage

It's not enough to just have skills, you have to demonstrate those skills to the industry. Expect to gain industry experience so you can build a portfolio that represents you as the best candidate for a job in tech.

Stage 3

Career Stage

We guide you to accept your first industry job by supporting you in every step of your entire career whether you need help building a resume, advice, and preparation for interviews, or networking and getting in touch with the right people.

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July 31st, 2023
Scholarships will be awarded as candidates are identified
August 11th, 2023
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Definitely do it. I have met programmers that pursued University degrees in computer science and it’s amazing how much more you will learn from attending V School compared to a 4-year degree. It’s definitely worth the investment and you will be way more prepared when entering the job market!
Tom E.

VS Alumni / Veteran

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