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Why V School?
Pay Us Later

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a shared-risk option of lending that now 40% of our student body has chosen to use since its implementation in 2017.
We actually don’t require any tuition payments until you land a job making at least 40K after graduation.

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Lifetime Career Support

Starting the first week of class, students begin working with a career counselor to prepare them for the job hunt by hosting weekly workshops and one-on-ones to get you ready to hit the job boards right away. We work with you to pinpoint what you want out of your new career and talk about culture fit, positions, salary negotiation, and how to weave your current skill set with your newly-honed skills.

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100% Immersive

V School is more than our elite curriculum or first-class instructors: we code, we create, and we convene together. It is where you come to learn new skills and leave with a whole new life. Find out what can happen when you are truly immersed.

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Free Housing Downtown

We take care of everything so you can stay focused on mastering a new skill and launching an exciting new career. Our student housing is located a few blocks from campus and half a block from a train stop. It’s a community-focused experience with shared rooms and living space. Each housing unit is stocked with products and furniture that students need to live comfortably and focus on their education.

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GI Bill Accepted

We’re proud to say we’re GI Bill approved. V School has a strong network of Veteran Alumni who used their GI Bill benefits towards a mastering an in-demand skill in order to transition to a successful life in technology after service.

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