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The Tech Industry Needs More Veterans

The tech industry is goal oriented and often based around completing small goals to accomplish large ones - similarly to how veterans are trained in the military.

The intensity and willingness to combat difficulties without hesitation combined with the ability to work with teams at high levels with the ability to adapt to any situation is what often lacks in the tech environment.

At V School, you pass each level of the program by demonstrating knowledge and skill, not by completing a certain number of hours in class.

Every level of V School is mastery-based, so you obtain the skills you need to build a successful career, not just earn a certificate.

We Help You Land a Job

We have a vast network that we connect you with to ensure that you land your first industry job after completing V School. You will work with a career success mentor to build a portfolio, meet industry leaders, and set up job interviews.

"I recommend other vets to V School because of the culture. We were all on equal ground. They showed me how to take the reigns and shape my own future and be who I want to be."

M. Stedman | Web Dev & UX/UI Design Grad

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