Are You Ready to Become a UX / UI Designer?

The demand is high for talented UX/UI designers as the majority of consumer interactions are now digital. Master User Experience and Design and learn to take user experiences from concept to development. Work on real-life projects so you're job-ready with experience.

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Student Outcomes

Median Salary


Employment Rate


** Each students schedule will vary depending on their availability and time commitment.

“I found employment before graduating. I was with that company for a few months until I was offered a better position... I’m now a full-time UX designer with an established and financially healthy company”

Kevin Bowen

User Experience Designer, USANA

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“The program gave me the fundamental tools I would need to move forward in the industry. It still blows my mind everything I was able to learn in only 3 months time!”

Dustin Swanson

UX Design Intern, Bluehost

Student Journey

A Pathway To A New Career

Gain the skills and experience you need to become job-ready and have a portfolio that will get you hired.

Receive a career mentor on day one to provide guidance and prepare you to land an industry job throughout your time in the program.

During the skills portion, expect one-on-one instructor training, join guest lessons with our industry advisors, and work on real-life projects in a team environment.

The Real Finish Line is Landing a Job

You will gain the skills and experience you need to become job-ready and have a portfolio that will get you hired.
1. Is V School Right For You?

Reskill and become job ready in less time and with less money compared to a traditional four year degree. Let’s schedule a call and get to know each other.

2. Start Class and Master Each Lesson

Curriculum is customized to your life schedule and past experiences. You move through the program as you master each lesson, taking time out of the learning equation.

3. Gain Industry Experience

Access our hiring network and work on real-life projects and internships. Produce an impressive portfolio so you succeed during interviews and land the jobs you want.

4. Accept Your First Industry Job

You made it! Increase your income by 2x-3x and enjoy the life you deserve.

UX / UI At V School

Bruce Lee

Handcrafted To Meet The Needs of The Industry

You’ll learn the necessary skills, tools, and methods to create meaningful experiences that go far beyond visual design – taking into consideration the user's emotional connection with the product or brand.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to become a flexible, collaborative, effective user experience designer that’ll be ready to one-inch punch any problem that comes your way.


  • What is Design?
  • What is UX Design?
  • Design Psychology
  • The UX Process
  • Visual Design Fundamentals
  • Usability Heuristics


  • Alignment & Assumptions
  • User Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Journey Mapping
  • Problem Definition
  • Data Synthesis


  • Ideation
  • Facilitation
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • User Flows
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing


  • Typography Basics
  • Whitespace
  • Consistency
  • Color Theory
  • Iconography
  • States
  • Documentation


  • Design Systems
  • Responsive Design
  • Product Development
  • Design Maturity
  • Experimentation
  • Design Sprints
  • Measuring Design
  • Accessibility


  • Design Resumes
  • Design Portfolios
  • Case Study Writing
  • Resume Reviews
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Design Challenges
  • Practice Interviews
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UX/UI Course Syllabus

How The Course Works

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Time Is Taken Out Of The Learning Equation

Our program is mastery-based, meaning that you move forward through curriculum once you have mastered each lesson, regardless of how long it takes. You will pass each module with an assessment with your instructor to progress through the program.

Mastery Based Learning

Mastery-based learning aptitude versus achievement

You graduate by landing a job, not just complete the program. Curriculum is designed by industry leaders and tailored to your life schedule and prior experience to get you job-ready as soon as possible.

Time Based Learning

Uniform instruction aptitude versus achievement

This is the slowest and most expensive way into the UX/UI field. The industry standards and needs will change multiple times within the four years it takes to earn a degree.

V School’s Responsive Model

  • Mastery Based Learning
  • Customizable Schedule & Pace
  • Industry Mentorship & Training
  • Real World Experience
  • End Result = Job In Industry


Traditional Education Model

  • Time Based Learning
  • Fixed Schedule & Pace
  • Not A Priority
  • Classroom Experience
  • End Result = Certificate and Grade

Customize Your Course Schedule

It’s not always realistic to drop everything to go back to school and we understand that. We also don’t think that a busy schedule should delay you from the career you want.

We will work with you to customize your class schedule so you move at a pace that is beneficial and realistic to your current situation.

Learning That Fits With Your Schedule

Students will work directly with their student success mentor to set realistic goals based on their life schedule and the time that they have available to work on curriculum.

Calendar showing flexible schedule

** Each student's schedule will vary depending on their availability and time commitment.

Interact Daily With Instructors And Industry Professionals

Our UX / UI program is handcrafted to provide you with real-world experience. You will learn from instructors and industry professionals to truly master each skill set and be able to use them in a real-life team environment.

UX/UI Design Instructors

Laney Kawaguchi V School
Laney Kawaguchi

Outcomes Director

Student Success Experts

Laney Kawaguchi V School
Laney Kawaguchi

Director of Outcomes

Tirzah Solomon V School
Tirzah Solomon

Student Success Manager

Investing In Your Success

There are several payment options available to you. Schedule a time to talk and we can find the best financial path for you.

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  • CheckmarkIncome Share Agreement
  • CheckmarkStudent Loans

Ready to make the leap?

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How To Apply

Step 1

Express Interest

Fill us in on your prior education, experience level, and career goals so we can customize curriculum and roadmap to get you job-ready in the tech industry.

Step 2

Submit Application

Tell us about your background, prior experience, and goals with joining V School to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.

Step 3

Start Program

Tell us about your background, prior experience, and goals with joining V School to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.

Not sure if ux/ui design is for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the program?

Our application process includes an aptitude test and evaluation with our design team. Once you’re accepted into V School, you’ll complete pre-course work to prepare you for the rest of the program.

How long is the program?

V School is a mastery-based program that students can complete at a flexible pace. This allows students who can devote full-time effort to move quickly through the program, while allowing those with other commitments to progress at a part-time pace. Typically, it takes students between 16 and 32 weeks to master the curriculum, depending on previous technical experience and time commitment. Once students complete the curriculum, they receive hands-on support in landing their first job. 

What will I learn?

You will learn how to design and execute successful experiences for customers and brands to make meaningful connections. This includes UX/UI design, user research, design strategy and the soft skills it takes to pull everything together and work with a team.

What kind of job can I get when I finish the program?

VS Alumni have created careers working as user experience designers with industry leaders like Pluralsight, Firetoss, Anonyme Labs, Utah Valley University and more.